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How do you remember your password?
It's the name of my pet, ... isn't "password" a weird name for a newt? 18 3%
It's a variation on a birthday, ... just because no one remembers yours doesn't mean they don't know it. 8 1%
It's a swear word I know and love, ... I didn't realize that "w3r8b6" was a swear word! 47 9%
It's written down nearby, ... do you really trust the Cleaners? 33 6%
I'm way too scared to tell you how I remember it, ... good, that has revealed a lot about you, and we now can begin the computer program which will determine your password based upon your fear of polls. 347 66%
I'm changing my password right now. 68 13%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and short term memory loss.
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