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What is the sexiest thing about the new G4 PowerBook?
All that sexy software bundled up with it, ... I bet it would look especially sexy in an igloo. 3 0%
The titillating Titanium, ... it has you all a titter, doesn't it? 147 21%
It is certified to run OS X, ... I can't wait for OS XXX! 86 12%
Its very slim profile, ... it's nicknamed the super-waif model. 32 4%
More power = sexier, ... Bill Gates is an exception to that rule. ;-) 68 10%
How unattainable one is, ... in this case, I doubt the passion would burn out. 84 12%
I'm sorry, but I just not super turned on, ... oh well, to geek his own I suppose. 188 28%
I viewed the results, with just a bit a drool. 97 14%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and interference from a reality distortion field.
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