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Current JoyPoll results for 522 entries:

What's run you over lately?
The dot com meltdown, ... melting isn't the end of the world, just a change of state. 12 2%
The results of the US election, ... another change of state? 142 27%
The amount of litter on the Internet superhighway, ... maybe you could adopt an URL, and help clean it up? 125 23%
I didn't get a good look, but I think it was a Mac truck, ... are you sure it wasn't a Cube van? 61 11%
Not much, I tend to be the one driving over stuff, ... remember, there's always someone with a bigger car. 112 21%
I ran over the results. 70 13%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and dead data removal.

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