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Forum tidbits: ... geekdivachica confesses she did something to get guys to notice her, ... zooz is lon a quest for unusual program user interface designs, DigitalBill shares some of his iPod nerdvana! .. and LostInColorado has found his FREEDOM!

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Toilet test
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October 5th

October 15

October 22nd

October 29th

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The QuickPoll was...
Who would you conduct your Turing Test on?
  • The person I cyber-married on a cyber-chat.
  • So-called telemarketers.
  • The nice voice that asks me to press 1 or 2 when I call a big company.
  • My friendly neighbourhood corner store clerk.
  • The phone sex operator.
  • I prefer to conduct tests for Superficial Intelligence.

View the results

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