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Genius!Forum tidbits: the awesome Chain Story continues, ... Digital Droo takes on Monkey Boy, SupportGoddess asks if everyone has Plans for Friday night...or any night for that matter! ... and congratulations go out to sk00t, who now has a son!
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Bill's desert hours
And don't forget, the comic continues in the Quickpoll, so... view the QuickPoll!

July 23rd

July 31st

August 13th

August 20th

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The QuickPoll was...
If you were the driver of the backhoe, what would be your next move?
  • Stop the machine, since geek blood is hard to wash off.
  • Dig a little side trench for Bill to rest in.
  • Gather up all my construction buddies and test out our steel-toed work boots.
  • Put the pedal to the metal and keep on backhoin'!
  • It doesn't matter does it, since undoubtedly that backhoe is driven by the alien life form seen in "Killdozer".

View the Results

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