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The Telnet Junkie writes:
I saw that Geekosphere submission from Tim (a friend of mine), and I couldn't help but show my stuff as well. All pictures have been taken in the same room (ca. 13 square meters). I hope it doesn't appear too much like an overkill to you :-) Best regards

Editor's Note: AWESOME Geekosphere!

The Museum!

Your Guide to The Museum

from left to right, top to bottom, years are introduction years:

- HP 2624A Terminal, ca. 1980 (Linux actually has a Termcap entry for it)
- Apple Macintosh Quadra 700, 1991
- Apple Macintosh Color Classic, 1993
- Apple Macintosh Plus, 1986
- Commodore PET 2001 Series, 1977
- MB Vectrex, 1982

- DEC Rainbow - maybe the coolest thing of all these, has a Z80 for CP/M and an 8088 for a modified MS-DOS, and has a third mode in which it behaves like a VT52 Terminal. 64K RAM, 2*5.25" Floppy, and a 5.25" full height 5MB Winchester Drive, 1983
- Atari 520ST w/ SM124 Screen, 1986
- various keyboards from DEC, IBM, Sun, ...
- 2* Apple whatever-its-official-name-may-be Floppy Drive for Apple ][ Computers, year unknown
- IBM PS/2 Model 30, 1987
- Apple Macintosh II, 1987
- Commodore SX64 "Executive Computer", ca. 1984

- Commodore 16, 1984
- Commodore 64 II, 1986
- (behind the bike) DEC AlphaStation 255, 1996
- (in the black bag on the bottom of the Pic) Sun SparcStation Voyager, 1995
- (behind that black bag, not visible at all) Axil 235 (SparcStation 10 Clone), ca. 1995

Wow, I never catalogued all the shit... missing ('cause they're in the basement) are the Amiga 2000, the Amiga 500 and the C64 first Generation. Except for the Quadra and the Mac II (no disk, no RAM), all machines run perfectly. The DEC and the Sparcs run Linux, more or less well.

Well, the "new" hardware ain't that exciting, but I'll make it complete: Sony 420GS screen, SGI (Sony OEM) GDM 20E21 screen, SGI Indigo2 R10K Solid Impact, Telekom Europa 20 Phone, IBM WorkPad C3, Apple Color StyleWriter 1500, Sony Vaio PCG505TX (running Linux), various CD/DAT/Harddisk Drives, Agfa SnapScan 600, Apple Power Mac G4/450, Generic AMD Athlon/650 (also running Linux).

Editor's Note: I believe the appropriate comment would be .... Whoa!
Telnet Junkie!

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