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David Slater and his wonderful Geek-o-Sphere/Nerdhole!
Submitted by Chris McLaren:

"I've enclosed a photo of one of my co-workers, David Slater, and his work environment.

Please allow me to point out some of the salient features of this special workplace (we alternate between the terms 'geekosphere' and 'nerdhole' depending how much we're liking Dave that week).

Dave's geekosphere is an enclosed cubicle. Note the roof, which was constructed of discarded shipping boxes from our warehouse with the assistance of engineering graduates. The curtains are crafted from the finest large-scale bubble wrap, to provide some sonic baffling. The entranceway is a totally old-school bead curtain which is actually a relic of the sixties. Some SF geekiness is displayed by the Dr. Who poster hanging over the entranceway. Further evidence is to be found in the models of a dalek and the tardis on the roof. The signs, an amusing "Low Headroom" warning on the left, and a quote from Dante's Infero(*) in Italian on the right add to the ambiance. The guardian of the nerdhole is a life-size cardboard cut-out of David Litwack, who was once one of our fearless leaders in the days before Powersoft was part of Sybase.

Please don't ask why there is a Coke bear flying in space in the background."

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