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Superman going back in time

SETI@home: very cool, join the search for aliens!

Official Web site of MUFON: The Mutual UFO Network

Welcome to MUFON Canada

Roswell Report: Case Closed

UFO Master Index

PGG: Faking UFOs

Deb's UFO Infotmation....

UFO Classification Systems

Galactic database

Bilder av forskjellige UFO romskip.

Northwest Mysteries - UFOs

3-D Starmaps

In Search of. . . Truth and Fact

Alien UFO’s, Mysteries & Phenomena

Bigfoot and UFO Museum of San Fransisco

UFO Topics

Ufomind Guide to Knowledge (Top Level)

United Kingdom UFO Network

Alien City - Jules UFO Links

CNI News Links to UFO Web Sites

Studies In Intelligence Vol. 01 No. 1, 1997

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