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it ate my floppy, NOW IT WANTS MY ZIP!!!

It can happen to anyone, even you. One minute you’re fine, working away on your faithful computer, the next minute you’re living a nightmare! Somehow, for no apparent reason, your most trusted friend has turned against you with every silicon fibre of its being:
  • Months of work has disappeared in a nanosecond.
  • Everything that defines you as a geek is gone. Perhaps forever.
  • And to top it all off, your backup Zip™ drive is now click-click-clicking itself to death.

It has many names: The Ultimate Crash, System Malfunction, Silicon Down. Each culture has it’s own word for it, but the meaning is universal... your computer has decided to wreck your life.

I’m beginning to think it’s all part of some evil master plan, that computers are scheming to take over the world, and that by destroying our data they hope to crush the human spirit and eliminate our will to resist. I’m actually a little nervous writing this, in case my computer catches on and sabotages....
^%^dfhj huh? &&**#`~@&*& OH NOOOOOOOOO!

Editor’s Note: At this point our writer’s transmission ended suddenly...

Read on.... IF YOU DARE!



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so others may learn from your misfortune and perhaps prepare themselves for that Dark Day. Oh, and don’t kid yourself... that day is coming!

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