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Get Pixelated!
Inspired by the phenomenal success of The Million Dollar Homepage, we've decided to implement pixel ads on our own site. But rather than displaying them on an entire page of ads, we thought we'd feature them with our great comic content.

Why buy pixel ads?
Pixel ads are brilliant in their simplicity ... they are tiny advertisements for your company or service that reside right next to our comic where all of our visitors can see them and click on them to get to your site. Perhaps you'd like to promote your company's products or software, advertise your blog or homepage, or just say hi to your girlfriend via a few pixels. This is a fun, inexpensive, and surprisingly effective way to do that, as visitors are attracted to the little ads by their curiosity factor.

How it works.
are available in 100-pixel 'blocks' (each measuring 10x10 pixels). The reason for selling them in these blocks is because anything smaller would be too tiny to display a recognizable image. You can purchase any amount of blocks in any shape you'd like. After you purchase a block or blocks of pixels, send us an image or logo you'd like us to place on the JoyPixel space, and we'll do that asap.

blocks rock!Your pixels will be featured on our main Joy of Tech page for at least one year. That will translate into at least 4 million exposures, and very likely much more! And as a bonus, your ad will live on permanently in our comic archives! So you see, that's a lot of value for as little as a hundred bucks!

You can supply an image (your logo, or something to catch the eye), or we can make one up for you. Your pixels don't have to be square, you can go for a long thin block, or even spread your blocks of pixels around the pixelspace!

Buy some JoyPixels!
How many blocks of 100 pixels would you like?

We will contact you shortly to discuss your order and to implement your pixels!