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Current JoyPoll results for 565 entries:

What would you jump through hoops for?
A Playstation 2, ... heh, nothing beats the thrills, chills, and graphics of Pong. 76 13%
An Arthur C. Clarke endorsed Real Millennium basketball net, ... every time you sink a basket, you evolve a little bit. 77 13%
A hula-hoop, ... as I'm sure you know already, the plastic tubing used for all Hula Hoop toys ever produced would stretch around the Earth more than five times. 15 2%
Hot Wheels Loop the Loop track, ... why can't they make at least one road like that? 74 13%
I'd only jump if the hoop was on fire, .... whoa, what a tiger! 247 43%
I got looped viewing the results. 76 13%

May not add up to exactly 100% due to rounding, and cheat codes.

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