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Movie Rating System
loved it.
it was ok.
didn’t like it.
hated it.
made me think.
made me laugh.
:’- /
made me cry

“L” says...
I enjoy a good movie like the next person, however, as a geek, I like to pay attention to things in a movie that your average movie-goer may not. In my reviews, I talk about the technology and the geeky characters, even though they may not be the “stars”.

Full Metal Jacket
Guest review by the Mysterious Jon Katz!
Eyes Wide Shut
:-| && }:-]
Guest Review by the Mysterious Jon Katz!
Wild Things
:-D :-)
Guest Review by the Mysterious Jon Katz!
The Thirteenth Floor
}:-] and :-)
South Park
:-D :- 0
Guest Review by the Mysterious Mr. R.
The Phantom Menace
The Matrix
:-) and 8(|:-)
Star Trek Insurrection
You've Got Mail
Good Will Hunting
Deep Impact
Godzilla (the remake)
:-| and 8(|:-)
Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion
The Truman Show
and }:-]
Starship Troopers
X-files: Fight the Future

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