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Canadian Military expecting bad hangover on January 1, 2000
The Canadian military is preparing for a disaster that threatens Canadian life like no other ... THE Y2K BUG!

The military is preparing for the days and weeks after Y2K hits. In a worst case senerio, the inability of many older software programs to recognize the year 2000 could result in the shutdown of many computer-controlled devices. Everything from bank machines to powerplants may be affected, so the top brass is preparing strategies to deal with looters, criminals, and the general public running amuck buying batteries. They call it project Abacus.

But we at Geek Culture have faith in our Millennial Heros, the Y2K-bug-blasting Geeks! As you are reading this, there are droves of Geeks coding away at banks, airports, and military stations, quickly, and quietly solving Mankind’s greatest threat to date.

So the next time you bump into a Geek that is working on the millennium bug, shake his or her hand, and know that you are looking at someone who is saving our world from massive chaos.

Of course, they are just cleaning up the mess made by shortsighted geeks in the first place...


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