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News that geeks can now read while watching TV .

A Marriage made in Couch-Potato Heaven?

Like a May-December romance, the ever-brazen, youthful Internet proposed marriage to that relatively-old maid Television, and TV said "yes!".

TV, which has been overshadowed recently by the Net, is getting back into the swing of things with the spread of ..... WebTV. This Microsoft (gasp!) service allows viewers to use their TV for Internet surfing, as well as sending email, via a small black device which sits atop the Box.

Apparently, the friendly face of the TV doesn’t scare away Internet-phobes who feel computers are big bad nasty monsters. Instead, they can settle under their cozy covers and quench their undeniable thirst for more information about the TV shows they watch. For instance, they can watch Star Trek reruns and simultaneously look for dirty pictures of Nurse Chapel and Mr. Spock! Revolutionary!

I, however, predict that this service will be used mostly for chatting to strangers who are watching the same show at the same time. For instance:

BoredDude: Why am I watching Dawson’s Creek! This show sucks!
SuperBored: Ya, it does, but I HAVE to watch it!
BoredDude: Ya, I know what you mean.
SuperBored: I hate Jen’s haircut,
BoredDude: Whoa, did you see how big her butt is getting?
SuperBored: LOL, and FOTC (fall off the couch)

WebTV isn’t the first product to attempt marrying the Internet and TV. Pippin Atmark made by Bandai Digital Entertainment Corporation and Kata Media, was around in 1996-97, but Bandai stopped making them due to disappointing sales. Since then, Bandai has enjoyed a huge success with the "Tamagotchi", that lovable virtual pet thing that poops all the time.


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