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Shades of Dick Tracy! New Swatch will check your email!

The love story between Apple and Swatch continues. First it was the Internet time thing, now they are developing a new watch that allows the owner to check his mail from any computer using a cool new watch that will look sorta like this...

The watch will have technology built-in allowing you to set up personal identification codes. Also part of the system is a special mousepad that plugs itself in a Mac with an ADB or USB port.

To use it, you just approach the watch to the mousepad and it will automatically check your email, once the session is finished, you again approach your watch to the mousepad and the session ends.

Can you read your email on the watch? We're not sure, since details are still sketchy. It could be just a geeky way to trigger your email program to run, then you read your mail on your computer screen like you would normally.

This new watch that will be available before the end of the year, and will cost approximately 200 Swiss francs (watch + mousepad).


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