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Geeky news for the Jetson-set.
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We're Finally Living in the Future!
After growing up on a steady diet of Jetsons and Legion of Super Hero comics, it seems finally, the future is actually creeping a little closer! Every geeks dream, the flying car, is being developed by Moller International. They've built and flown a two passenger prototype model of what they call a "volantor". This volantor is a new type of aircraft that combines the performance of airplane and the VTOL capability of helicopters in a single vehicle without the limitations of either. Oh ya baby!!!

Using a principle similar to that of the British Harrier jump jet, the Moller volantor incorporates a patented thrust deflection vane system (I love this kind of talk) that redirects thrust, enabling it to hover or to takeoff and land vertically from almost any surface.

Some choice quotes from their website...

"Can any automobile give you this scenario? From you garage to your destination, the M400 Skycar cruises comfortably at 350+ MPH at 15 miles per gallon. No traffic, no red lights, no speeding tickets. Just quiet direct transportation from point A to point B in a fraction of the time. Three dimensional mobility for the same price as two dimensional mobility.

No matter how you look at it the automobile is only an interim step on our evolutionary path to independence from gravity. That's all it will ever be."

Moller's Skycar comes in two models, a single passenger and a four passenger family sedan.Price? Once they are in full production, models start at $60,000. They seem to only come in red though, but I suppose they'll be offering fruity flavours and transparent skins next year.

The M400
Here's the spec's on the M400:
Passengers: 4
Cruise speed/ top speed: 350/390 mph
Maximum rate of climb: 7800 fpm
Maximum range: 900 miles
Payload with max fuel: 740 lbs
Fuel consumption: 15 mpg
Operational ceiling: 30,000 ft
Gross weight: 2400 lbs
Engine power (8x120 hp): 960 hp
Dimensions (LxWxH): 18' x 9' x 6'
Takeoff and landing area: 35 ft dia
Noise level at 500 ft: 65 dba
Vertical takeoff and landing: yes
Uses automotive gas: yes
Emergency parachutes: yes

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And again we say...
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