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Discoverer of old blades "just looking through some old mags"

While spending the afternoon browsing through the March 1941 issue of Popular Science Monthly, some geek discovered the inventor of the inline roller skates or blades. This inventor?... his name was Armand User, of Paris France.

Armand User's invention is not the old roller skate of the 70's, with skate boots and huge wheels set two by two. The illustration clearly shows the rollers are "in-line".

The original skate was intended for figure skaters to be able to do toe stands and other fancy skating, something which you cannot do with today's blade skates.

Although Rollerblade does not claim to have invented skates with rollers set in them, they also do not credit the French inventor with the idea. Rollerblade has developed and perfected and patented other such things as the boot and casings.

Rollerblade has not commented on the discovery , perhaps all geeks should send them an email kindly asking them to credit the geeky French inventor, Armand User, who was an inventor of a contemporary sporting goods phenomena

It is not known at this time whether or not Armand also invented that essential Internet input field, the User ID.


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