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News that geeks can't get a refund on!

Linux all get a Refund!

On Monday, scores of geeks headed to Microsoft offices looking for a refund. Most of these geeks are running Linux as their operating system, so have no need for Microsoft's Windows 95/98 that comes pre-installed on most PC computers.

As with other software, the fine print in the Windows licensing agreement says customers who don't accept the terms of the agreement should contact the manufacturer for a refund.

Inspired by an Australian website documenting one geek's struggle and eventual success in getting a refund, organizers of the protest had hoped that all qualifyiers would receive about $50 each, but alas, it was not to be. Microsoft is passing the buck to the manufactures of the computers, and letting the requests bog down in bureaucracy. In any rate, it was a great day for Linux geeks to get some publicity, spread the word, and pester Microsoft.

Linux is one of Microsoft's worst nightmares... it's available free on the Web, it's part of the "open source" movement, (meaning geeks can tweak and tinker with its code all they want), and it's just darn cool.

Here's the fine print...

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