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“They killed the Paper-clip!”

On October 16, 1998 in a crowded auditorium full of witnesses, Clipit, the paper-clip assistant from Office 97, was put to death by product managers, no doubt acting on orders from "above". As he met his horrific end, Clipit was reported to have cried out, “I’m melting… I’m melting!”

After the carnage, the sicko audience applauded enthusiastically. I ask you, what is this world coming to???

One witness to the execution was reported to be feeling copious amounts of guilt because on the day before the incident, he casually mentioned that he “hated” the paper-clip. Admit it, there are many others who felt this way. Perhaps we must all bear some of the responsibility for this crime.

But what's next on the agenda of this dasterdly band of digital killers? Is Max, the cute little Mac-only Office 98 assistant in danger?

Please post your condolences to Mrs. Clipit in our forums.
(We would like to ask those who did not like the paper-clip to refrain from posting anti-paper-clip messages, so as not to upset the sensitive geeks who are now missing that helpful little annoying character.)


Illustration by Neill Johnson


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