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News that geeks can now view on candy-colored computers!

Yummy New Jelly Beans!

Apple is announcing its fifth consecutive quarter in the black with a splash of color!

That lovelable/huggable iMac has sold over 800,000 little fellas in five months (that's one every fifteen seconds, but you probably figured that out already.). At MacWorld Expo, Geek-hero Steve Jobs presented five new iMac flavours. They are; Zesty Tangerine, Luscious Lime, Ga-Ga Grape, Blushing Blueberry, and Strawberry Delicious!

Apple is aggressively marketing Macs as sexy computers ...(well heck, we at Geek Culture® always knew that... just check out ye o' G3 Eroto-Cam!) This sexiness comes from their power (gamesters are now flocking to them), their lovely color and shapely design, and now their easy strip abilities. The new G3 line is sooo easy to get inside.... just open the wow-what-a-revolutionary-idea "door"!

Umm, excuse me, don't you think that perhaps it's a little too easy to spy on a G3's privates? These new machines are no doubt going to get a reputation as floozies amongst the more prude members of computer culture. I mean, isn't half the fun of stripping a computer the slow, agonizingly-pleasurefull teasing that most hard-to-access machines provide?

The iMac is especially popular with first time computer buyers. If Apple keeps them loyal (a common trait of Mac users) it will be smoother sailing for the computer maker, and good news for Apple geeks.

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Macs have always been Year 2000 compliant. It's true Dave.


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