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Geeky news for proud geeks.
Cool Cap for that special day!
Don't look like a nerd at the Geek Pride Festival. Wear one of our really cool Geek Culture propeller caps!

That was one proud GEEK PRIDE DAY!!!

Congratulations Tim McEachern and all those involved, on a fantastic Geek Pride Day '99!

up the stairs, with blaster in hand!
Magnificent VALOR!

The festivities started around noon, at the Big House Brewery, in Albany, New York. While it may not have been perfect weather outside, the atmosphere inside was totally geeky! Throughout the day there was lots of media coverage, and geeks all over were being interviewed for radio and television reports.

Tim from Geek Nation was a fabulous host! A flurry of activity between his hosting duties and being interviewed by the news media, he was greeting everyone with a friendly face and smile, and he made every geek feel welcome and at home!

The Job Fair looked like a great success, geeks were buzzing around the tables, checking out the companies and submitting resumes. Good luck geeks!

The Linux User Group meeting was also packed with geeks, many snapping up Red Hat CDs!

The great guys from Copyleft were there too, selling those awesome Open Source-supporting t-shirts.

Of course, there was lots of t-shirt trading going on. In a traditional Geek t-shirt exchanging ceremony, Geek Culture Representatives were graciously given very cool Geek Pride Day 99 shirts, while we in turn presented Tim with a glow-in-the-dark Geek Culture shirt. In other fabric news, I traded a couple of our glow-in-the-darks for a SlashDot shirt, and a Copyleft cap, which, for those who care about such nerdy things, I am happily wearing right now.

The live band was great! Johnny Rabb's Rockhouse played classic rock-a-billy and even threw in some geeky tunes... my favs were the fine Buddy Holly covers!

The QuakeFest!
The battlefield

Imagine a room full of computers, each one manned by a geek, and all those geeks playing networked Quake. That was the reality at Geek Pride Day... zoned out geek warriors intensely picking up weapons, running down digital corridors, submerging under water, and in the spirit of Geek Pride Day, blasting each other to smithereens! The setup was very professional and geek cheers go out to the great people at The Computer Hutch in Catskill for making it all possible. Way to go!

And did I mention the geeky nutritional supplements... free pizza and wings, and donuts too! What more could geeks ask for!!!

Dressed for battle!
This dapper geek is dressed for battle! Notice the geek nutrition boxes in the background.

A geeky chick fights her way to Victory!!!

We had a great time talking and mingling among our fellow geek brothers and sisters, and met some really great and fascinating geeks, including Dmitri from Russia, and Lewis from Webway. Geek Pride Day obviously took a lot of organization and planning, and we'd like to thank Tim and all the others involved for making it such a great day!

Hope to see you all again in October in Boston for the even bigger Geek Pride Festival Let sleeping geeks lie...

Even geeks need sleep... The cool guys from Copyleft wind up their geeky day!

Cool Cap for that special day!

And again we say...
Don't look like a nerd at the Geek Pride Festival. Wear one of our really cool Geek Culture propeller caps!

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