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Geeky news for proud geeks.
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This weekend... the second ever
April 17, 1999

. Started at noon, Big House Brewery, Albany, NY, USA. Activities include:

A Job Fair!
Sponsoring companies are setting up tables to accept resume's, conduct interviews, and provide plenty of information about themselves. Why? So that geeks can find great jobs, with great companies!

Stump The Geek
Real questions (thanks to Dan Sissman), real prizes, and a chance to be on stage!

Live Music
Johnny Rabb's Rockhouse! will be playing from 4pm to 6pm! Great rock-a-billy, and if everything goes according to plan they'll be shutting down the street in front of the Big House and putting Johnny & the boy's outside. Sounds great!

A FRAG - QuakeFest!
10 - 20 computers for a QuakeLAN are being made available by The Computer Hutch in Catskill. Way to go.

Like most great geeks, they are open to suggestions for events or contributers! Email Tim or call him at 518.392.6928.

Blurbs blurt!:
Our roving reporters are on the scene now! Stayed tuned for a full report on the festivies Monday!

And don't forget the even bigger Geek Pride Festival this October in Boston!
Geek Pride Festival 2000!

Yes, it's true, the event you've been waiting for! Tim at Geek Nation is organizing the geek event of the century.. a free festival, for and about geeks!

SPRING 2000!

Activities include:
A Gala! On Friday night the geeky gala event begins, with dinner, an awards thingy, and perhaps even a costume dance.

Geek Tours:
Visit geek shrines like MIT and The Computer Museum!

Geek Sporting Events
Stump The Geek trivia game, Quake Tournamento, Geeks in Love (a Dating Game for Geeks) , and Hacking Contest!

Geek Speakers:
An amazing line-up of guests is slated to speak at the Festival, including Eric Raymond (the Obi-Wan of Open Source), Jon Katz (media critic and author of upcoming "The Rise of the Geeks"), Rob Malda (of slashdot.org fame), and many more!

More info....
The Festival is Free: No charges for tickets, to hear a speaker, to geek out with some friends.

The Festival is Open: They plan on distributing the music, the talks and forums, images and videos all free of charge and fully downloadable. MP3 will rule the day!

The Festival is Distributed: If you can't physically make it to the Festival, you can connect to the website and watch the happenings. Or, get your local Net cafe to join up and throw their own 3 day fling. All they have to do is email Tim and they can join the festivities.

The Festival is Technology: Don't worry about computer withdrawl... your hosts for this event are going to provide geeks plenty of opportunity to jack in. If you show up with a machine, they'll make sure you can connect. The software that they'll be using will be Open Source and freeware where possible. This means Apache servers using Perl scripts on Linux boxes and everything that goes along with that.

The Festival should be amazing! If you're interested in helping, drop Tim a note, or call 518.392.6928, normal biz hours EST.

For the latest details, be sure to visit
Geek Nation!

Cool Cap for that special day!
And again we say...
Don't look like a nerd on Geek Pride Day. Wear one of our really cool Geek Culture propeller caps!

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