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Sail the Seas with a Ship of Geeks!

Next year in late May, 400 fun-loving geeks will set sail from Vancouver aboard a luxury cruise liner and head for Alaska's famed Inside Passage. During the spectacular trip, lucky cruisers will engage in two-and-a-half days of intensive intermediate-to-advanced Perl programming seminars, with some of the biggest names in Geekdom.

Organized by Neil Bauman, president and founder of Geek Cruises, the itinerary includes lectures, seminars, a Perl Quiz Show, and cocktail parties hosted by some of the world's top Perl programmers.

Larry Wall, author of the Perl language, will be aboard. So will Tom Christiansen, co-author of two leading Perl reference books, and Dr. Lincoln Stein, author of the Official Guide to Programming with CGI.pm.

Says Bauman "This cruise is in the long and hallowed tradition of ophthalmologists and surgeons going to faraway, exotic places to learn their skills. Programmers have long languished in ugly, stuffy hotel conference rooms. It's about time they learn in a friendly environment in the fresh air and in nature."

"I'm hoping to have a personal aspect on this cruise. When do you really get to chat with people like Larry Wall?"

For those with other programing preferences, Bauman's company plans future cruises focusing on XML, Java, and Linux.

Single male geeks alert!
"While most people who respond say they'll be bringing a significant other, of the people that say they'll come alone, the majority, about two-thirds of them, are single females," said Bauman. (Do I suddenly hear the theme from the "The Love Boat"?)

This sounds like an amazing trip, and one that would no doubt be appreciated by non-geeky spouses too! For more info, be sure to check out Geek Cruises!

Geek Cruises!

Courses expected to be offered include:

Two-day courses:
Advanced Introduction to XML
Advanced Perl
Database-Backed Websites with Perl
Packages, References, Objects, Modules

One-day courses:
Advanced CGI
Advanced JavaScript
Effective Perl Programming
GUI Programming with [G]TK
Tricks of the Wizards
Half-day courses:
The History and Culture of Perl
Apache Tricks
Gems of CPAN
Python: What's Better, What's Worse (than Perl)


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