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Computers of the Future
An industry research firm predicts by the year 2002, over 1/3 of new computers will have flat panel monitors and have CPUs the size of shoeboxes. Even though the computer’s outward designs will shrink, the microprocessor power and hard-drive capacity will keep growing.

Voice recognition software will improve so much as to allow users to enter data and voice commands with better accuracy. Good news for Scotty when he time travels to this upcoming decade.

Typed passwords will be jettisoned in favour of fingerprint security, so you can feel like James Bond when you boot-up and launch your secret documents while the computer scans your fingerprint. This technology is for sale already by Compaq Computer Corp, called Indenticator for $99US. Just think how cool and important you’ll look when your co-workers see you use this fingerprint security! Wow, you'd be so popular, and perhaps even get dates!


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