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News that geeks can read for less than the cost of a baseball!

Sports Geek Comes out of Closet!!!!!

Todd McFarlane, 37 year old creator of the comic book Spawn came out of the Closet of Geekdom and announced to the world that he was a "Sports Geek".

He made the announcement at the display of his collection of Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa home run balls at a Toy Fair in New York City February 8, 1999.

He purchased Mark McGwire's 70th home run ball for 3 Million dollars on January 12, 1999. He now owns McGwire's 63rd, 67th, 68th, 69th, and 70th home run balls. He also owns Sosa's 33rd, 61st and 66th home run balls. Put simply, he's batty 'bout baseballs.

Why would anyone pay that much for a baseball? Todd plans on raising even more money for charity by exhibiting his collection at all the major ballparks next season. What a great geek!

McFarlane did not explain what he meant by being a Sports Geek. Geek purists may question whether "Sports Geek" is an oxymoron. Jocks and Geeks have been notorious for their inability to get along. This is evidenced in Geek Culture's classic Toon "Geek Revenge Fantasy" on Geek TV.

If being a Geek is a state of mind, then some believe that anyone can be a Geek, even a Jock. However there are some Geeks (usually embittered by Jock bullying) that question whether Jocks can achieve any state of mind outside of basic body functions and a fascination with blinking lights.

Despite the controversy of the term "Sports Geek", all experts agree that McFarlane's announcement is a plus for Geeks everywhere. Today, Geek Pride is a growing movement as people proudly describe themselves as Geeks and will announce their Geekiness to the world at any occasion, including at the public display of a geek's balls.

Some will even go so far as making the announcement by wearing a totally cool Geek Culture T-Shirt, which luckily costs considerably less than $3 Million. They are indeed true heroes.


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